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Feb. 22nd, 2007 @ 02:59 pm Benefit at MacHenry's in Ft. Worth, TX for theft victims
This came out on the MacHenry's mailing list today.
Howdy friends.

We have just received the yucky news that, last weekend, Deanna Smith-Scotland (Jiggernaut, Free Whiski, MacHenry's Empress) and Craig Scotland (Gallus, Smith/Scotland Celtic Photography, MacHenry's Atlas) had virtually all of their gear stolen (musical instruments, sound reinforcement equipment, photographic equipment, and festival display materials) during a burglary of their van. This loss is catastrophic to their ability to do business; and we've learned that coverage for most of the material involved is not provided for on their insurance policy.

So, please accept this message as a formal invitation to come celebrate what a cool and caring community we've developed by attending a Beneifit Jam at Machenrys in Fort Worth (1408 West Magnolia St. 817.377.0202) on Wednesday, 2/28/07. Don McRay will be the Master of Ceremonies in orchestrating a round-robin jam featuring many of your favorite DFW musicians in a good-ole fashioned hootenany environment.

Donations will be accepted for helping Craig and Deanna fund the replacement of their equipment.

Please come and enjoy, and throw a couple of logs on the "village campfire".

Thanks, Peace and Cheer upon you all.

John Walker, Ryan Kerr and Matthew Williams


This comes right before North Texas Irish Festival. Please attend if possible, donate if possible, and/or see them at NTIF - and keep eyes open for quality used large-diameter bodhrans on the market (Craig's instruments) and/or photography equipment and/or sound equipment.
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